Back in 2012 Diliana Mihaylov created one of a kind brand in Bulgaria. The main idea behind the brand's success was the gap in the affordable luxury fashion market. Inspired by the couture collections, art, details and finest fabrics, Diliana became the name known for its luxury and wearable couture-like pieces.
Raised in clothing industry background Diliana and her mother who is "the most talented and hard-working woman" /as she says/, had forced all their knowledge and exquisite sense for the detail and created this unique brand.
Nowadays we're happy to have an international clientele and loyal customers from art, fashion, showbiz, and even political background.

"We are so tired of fast fashion. It tastes like fast food. First, you got the excitement but then you'd be left with a bad taste in your mouth. I'm a firm believer also that the overpriced fashion is dead. Then, I come here with my collections dedicated to all those women who don't want to look like a picture from an Instagram feed. I create my designs for the woman who has sensitive taste about her clothing. We are not mass marketing, we are not the mass market! I will always make uniqueness and clothes with drama and tons of details. Life's too short, why should we wear boring clothes?"