DILIANA Fashion House sizes are from 34 to 46 and closest to the French sizing but for more accuracy please refer to our body measurments guide.

We also have clothing in XS - XXL sizes and please refer to the body measurments related with this size system. For better accuracy compare it with the international sizing mentioned next to each alphabetic size.

Your dress size is 40 (regarding Diliana’s body measurment guide) and your size that you wear in general should be UK 12, US 8, FR 40 or IT 44.

If you like to purchase an item with our XS - XXL sizing and your body measurments are closest to size 40 you should order size L.


Many of us know that online shopping is risky because of the difficulty when choosing the right size. This is especially when purchasing that specific designers for the first time. We want to help you with this frustrating part with online shopping so here are some tips:

1. Measure Yourself

The first thing you need to do is measure yourself. A size 4 in one brand may feel like a size 6 in another, so it’s important to go by your measurements rather than your actual dress size.

Measure your bust, waist, and hips. You can do this by measuring around your chest for bust, around your belly button for waist, and around your hip bones for your hip measurements. Write down your numbers and keep them handy when you’re ready to start buying clothes online.

- Always consider the stretch factor of the fabric and the fit mentioned in our product description

If you are in doubt between size 40 and 42 and the item has little or no stretch factor and is designed to fit close to the body, please chose the larger size 42. If the item has loose or regular fit (that means it’s not designed to be very close to the body) and has no stretch factor you could choose size 40 but please have in mind that it would have little bit more fitted look on you than this on our model.

- Fitting Terminologies

We have covered the popular sizing terms. Now let’s talk about what words to use to describe ‘fitting’ of apparels.

Relaxed or Loose: Relaxed clothing, also known as oversized or boyfriend-style clothing for women, is clothing that hangs loosely on the body. The clothes with relaxed fitting are made deliberately oversized and are typically used in relation to tops. This fitting is mostly for button-up shirts and trousers.

Slim: Slim-fit is used for clothing with a closer or tighter fit to the body. It’s used to describe fitting of a denim, pants, dresses, blazers, coats and shirts.

Close: Close fit is used for clothing that fits slightly slim and there’s little bit space between the fabric and the body. It’s mostly used in coats, jackets, blazers, straight line skirts and dresses.

Rise: The term rise is used to explain clothing with “low-rise,” “high-rise” or “mid-rise”, depending on the distance from the waist to the crotch on pants. Low-rise pants sit low on the hips, while high-rise pants sit at or above the natural waist.

- Body Shape
Always consider the widest part of your body as a starting point when choosing your size. This rule applies for clothing with slim cut and especially for dresses where all the body measurements are essential. If you’re with fuller bust or larger hips and your waist is smaller, please refer to the larger size. If you’re in doubt take a close look to the stretch factor once again. It depends on your personal fit preferences but we advise you always choosing the larger size for non-stretchy and fitted clothing.

- Clothing Styles

Bodycone dresses: all your bust, waist and hips measurements are important.

Dresses with fitted bodice and loose skirt: your bust and waist measurements are important.

Dresses with close fit (this means not very close to the body but not oversized or loose at the same time): Your all body measurements are important but you could sometimes go up or down for the size depending on your fit preferences and the clothing design. If there is fitted high waist cut or inserted belt you must consider your waist measurements as most important.

A-line skirts: Your waist measurements are important.

Pencil skirt: it's crucial to get true measurements of your waist and hips to ensure that it fits comfortably all around.

High waist trousers: measurements of your waist and hips are important.

Low waist trousers: measurements of your waist and hips are important.

Outwear: Make sure that you have in mind that this type of clothing is worn with something else beneath. Aim to have few cm more width. If you’re in doubt between two sizes opt for the larger one.

Tops: Your bust and waist measurements are important. In case that you have hips in size 40 and bust in size 38, go for the smaller size.

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